1. We offer value for money: We strive to provide the highest possible and unmatched quality standards to our clients. With our attention to cost effectiveness, and looking beyond current manifesting issues, we guarantee value for money to clients.
  2. Peace of mind: We specialize in management and development; We have a great track record of timely and quality delivery. We offer an assurance to get it right the first time, always. 
  3. We are Progressive, Passionate and Purposeful: We love doing what we do, we are good at it and know the world needs - we can thus be trusted to ‘go beyond and deliver above expectations’.
  4. Every client is special: We keenly attend to the unique needs and contexts of our clients.  We treat each case as unique, and for which appropriate approach and solution is needed. 
  5. We journey with our clients: We see development as a journey along which we co-travel with our clients. We prefer accompaniment based processes. 


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General Contact

Strategic Connections ltd.

  • Adress: P.O Box 25527 - 00100, Nairobi
  • Morningside Office Park, 1st Floor I Ngong Rd
  • Email:info@sclkenya.com
  • Tel:+254 20 8029746/+254 733 527220
  • /+254 716 151001
  • website: www.sclkenya.com